1) Our client is obligated to treat the Escorts with respect and the necessary caution regarding their physical integrity.

Safe Sex

2) Condom is required for Sexual intercourse and all relevant actions with the Escorts. In no case that precaution can be neglected or denied by the client or the Escort.


Agency policy

3) Any kind of relationship with the escorts is strictly forbidden. In addition, all arrangements with the Escorts must be approved by the Agency.



4) Our clients can enjoy all prearranged services, as they are indicated at the ‘Services’ section of each Escort. Requests for services that are not mentioned in the Escorts’ service list cannot be placed.


Service fee

5) Our clients are obligated to pay the fee only for those services that they enjoy. In case an extra fee is requested, that is not justified or agreed, the client is kindly requested to contact the Agency.



6) Our clients are requested to respect and abide to the timeframes and the fees that correspond to the services provided by our Escorts, exactly as they are indicated at the ‘Services’ section of our website.



7) Our clients are requested to double-check and confirm all information submitted to the booking and/or casting forms.


Escort arrival

8) In the rare occasion that there is a delay in the Escorts’ arrival due to unforeseen factors, our Agency will notify you as soon as possible. To mitigate their inconvenience, clients will be entitled to

a) Cancel the reservation.
b) Change the Escort, if possible.
c) Continue waiting for the original Escort.


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